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I consider THIS SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION but to some its BETA

I thought I should explain a little bit, what is my intend and What it exactly is you’ll find On The Docket.  Here’s the short version you’d find on the warning label

Whats On The Docket is your source of enlightened information, focused personally, awakening your universal mind…starting locally.

I’ll try to elaborate a little more on that but first a little background:

WOTD was founded by business visionary Dylan Ohm. He is visited by the occasional guest bloggers, local artists, musicians, friends and media.  Dylan has run a series of successful entertainment businesses for most of his professional career and is a leader in many revolutionary think tanks.  His talents and knowledge span a vast spectrum of disciplines from Film, Food, Art, Technology, Music and Medicine.  Many seen him as a modern-day digital alchemist and young Maven. -CMG Mixer Mag

Here on WOTD you will find a shared collection of; thoughts, ideas, articles, opinions, art, food, videos, music, events, trends, technology, pictures, people, places, and culture from simplistic to complex, revolutionary to daily, scientific to fate and they are all here for one purpose…as a  time saving resource to better YOUR life.


Ok let me break it down for you the best I can…

What does “Docket” really mean?
The word “Docket” here refers to; “What’s next”, “Whats going on” and “Whats to come” and you are invited to share “Whats On The Docket” with your friends.  Think about it… You yourself can be a Docket of this Information and Knowledge.


I currently group the content under five (5) Sections and some sections have sub-catagories. Why five sections?  -No, reason, its just what looks the best.


This is short hand for “Whats On The Docket” and when stating “WOTD for 2day” this is usually referring to a regional event on the WOTD CalendarFeatured WOTD Events can always be found on the upper right corner of the home page.

//Good Vibes//

This section is exactly as it sounds, a collection of different subjects that generate that harmonic resonates within YOU and create those “Good Vibes“.   Art, music, people, ideas, places, pictures…you get the point :-)

//Hack Life//

Tips, tricks, hacks, cracks and what-have-u’s of technology…this sections takes more of a “How 2″ approach of information sourced across the web.   This will serve as your cookbook with simple recipes that make life easier!

//Eat and Drink//

Eat, Drink, Sleep and Sex…most say these are the basic necessities of life.  I’ll let you keep the latter 2 to the confines of your own room (for now) as there are plenty of other sites that explore these topics. Here you’ll find articles, clips, blips and dips orbiting this innate need and lust that drives your desire for those intoxicating cocktails and those little slices of heaven you’d die for.

//Tree of Knowledge//

This is the important ONE.  This section will serve and your Universal resource to the latest pieces, fragments and nuggets of knowledge that are “Out There”.

Opinions aside: I truly believe, at the utmost, before you can make a informed decision(about anything)…you should at least know whats Out There and this is your reference point.

//As above, so below//

As humans…Why do we love Lists so much? -Well, my guess its because we are wired to make “short cuts“, quick decisions but everything we do.  From the things we like, to the people and places we hangout.  And Ranking Lists (1-10) do this vary effectively.

Something-2-Remember: This section is centred on the ideas of the dynamic balance of opposites, the evolution of events as a process, and acceptance of the inevitability of change.  ie “Everyone’s List will eventually CHANGE”

The Lists posted here are opinions surrounding various topics, people, places and things that were unconscious to you before.  These Lists should be viewed as only current snap-shot, of this very specific time and state of consciousness and to remember these (Opinions) are always and forever changing.

Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness and it is only till we become aware of something we can make change. – dΩ 2010

Layman’s terms:  Here you’ll find Life Lists ranking various topics maybe you never knew existed or maybe that’s WHY you are here in the first place!  -If you find something on a “List” you don’t  agree with…make a “conscious effort” to change it!

…All is irrelevant till it becomes important

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